The Rocci Stucci Show 11/26/16 Guest: Mike Presnell

Mike Presnell spoke about the lawlessness in America and the toll it takes on officers and first responders in addition to where America goes in the near future to regain respect and command and control.

The Rocci Stucci Show, is hosted by Rocci Stucci. The program is a no nonsense, in your face style talk show covering daily events ranging from politics, news, and even tampers in the conspiracy realm. This show is NOT politically correct, and is not for the sensitive.

Rocci is a promoter of patriotism, and the constitution. He strongly believes in the values in which the country was established, and speaks against all that try to take these freedoms away. It is a NECESSITY, to ensure a future for our children!

Rocci is also a public speaker, that covers topics ranging from motivation, bullying, addiction, and the power of our thoughts.

“People fear what they don’t understand, and hate what they can’t conquer!”

“The Rocci Stucci Show,” your personal, LIVE ADHA fix on current events and governmental affairs. We are the antithesis to the malpractice of the western Media.

Rocci hits the “bada-bing” on the “bada-BOOM.”



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One thought on “The Rocci Stucci Show 11/26/16 Guest: Mike Presnell

  • March 25, 2017 at 1:48 am

    Amen Mike, Christian first and bleed for Israel. The bible gives us clear direction on how we are to treat Israel… God says that He will bless those who bless Israel, and He will curse those who curse Israel. I can’t wait till you and Rocci do more shows!!!


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