The Rocci Stucci Show 10/22/16 Guests: Gavin Mitchell and Matt Locke

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Gavin Mitchell – Host

Gavin Mitchell was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas where he still resides today. Not yet married, he loves spending time with his family and nieces and nephews. Gavin still attends the same Southern Baptist church he grew up in, and enjoys watching football more than most. He thought going to college would one day lead to law school, but he was hooked after his first business class. While the entrepreneurial spirit and the ebb and flow of the business world are very attractive, a suit and tie are not the attire of the working man and something he can do without. Gavin elected to take over his father’s construction company where his experience running a small, blue-collar company has given him a first-hand perspective in speaking out for the working man.

Gavin doesn’t run from his faith. His acceptance of Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior along with his life experiences has helped shape his opinion and views that he communicates so well.

With advanced degrees in business, Gavin has an ability to make complex political issues easy to understand and he has an uncanny ability to explain the relevance to the hard working people of this country. His concern for the direction our country is headed and a distaste for the “garbage” that comes out of Washington D.C. on a daily basis has led him to speaking out to the working American to defeat this liberal, progressive movement. In his opinion, sometimes the “what” isn’t near as important as the “why.”

The Matt Locke Show

Matt Locke is one of America’s Patriots and has had one of the longest running conservative podcasts on the Internet.

Subscribe to The Matt Locke Show podcast and join the growing number of conservatives who are looking to take this great country back. Get news, information and entertainment you can use to navigate the liberal left argument.

Matt’s show is also syndicated on the Internet’s new Conservative Radio Network – iCRN:  His show can be heard at 8pm Eastern (5pm Pacific), Monday – Friday and again at 12pm Eastern (9am Pacific) on Sundays.


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