Obama Begins Speech in Louisiana With 5 Words That Leave America SPEECHLESS…



President Obama finally made his way down to Louisiana after massive flooding devastated the Baton Rouge area, and the first five words he used in his speech are absolutely ridiculous coming from him.

“This is not a photo-op,” Obama said during a speech Tuesday in Louisiana, after he received widespread criticism for prioritizing his golfing vacation in Martha’s Vineyard over doing his job.

But despite Obama’s assurance, instead of cutting his vacation short he chose to continue golfing as the people of Louisiana were under water.

GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump headed to Louisiana on Friday with running-mate Mike Pence, as well as an 18-wheeler full of supplies for those in need.

Obama claims his visit isn’t a “photo-op,” yet his actions once again don’t match his words — it appears that he caved to pressure after Trump put him to shame by going down to Louisiana and doing what Obama should have done.

It should also be noted that while Obama talked about what will happen after “the T.V. cameras leave,” former Sen. Mary Landrieu and Gov. John Bel Edwards both noted the importance of garnering attention for the disaster and how Trump’s visit was important.

Obama also claimed that the people of Louisiana are “not alone,” but for the past several days they most certainly have been while he chose not to prioritize their suffering.

Obama had no problem criticizing Bush for taking too long to visit with the people of Louisiana, yet Bush cut his vacation short to go do his job — and Obama didn’t.

The Obama administration also thought it was appropriate to lecture the people of Louisiana not to discriminate during the recovery efforts, even though he couldn’t be bothered to go down and be a part of them.

Much was said after Hurricane Katrina in 2005 about the so-called discrimination against black people in the recovery effort, but if you take a look at the coverage of the flooding, the proportion of white people affected by the disaster is noteworthy, at least via the eye-test compared to Katrina — and as we know, Obama is all about the optics.

Certainly all races have been affected, but since the left and the Obama administration have chosen to inject race here, it certainly begs the question: has Obama neglected the people of Baton Rouge, LA and the surrounding areas because of race?

If Bush was expected to answer that question, perhaps Obama should do the same, just to be sure it isn’t about a “photo-op”…

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