Rocci Stucci

Rocci is the owner of WSTR-DB, www.StreamingTalkRadio.com. Public speaker, researcher and paranormal enthusiast. He is a staunch adherent to the rules of integrity in research and a no-bullshit-allowed brand of common sense.

“Our thoughts, create our reality!”

He is also the host of The Rocci Stucci Show. The program is a no nonsense, in your face style talk show covering daily events ranging from politics, news, and even tampers in the conspiracy realm.

Rocci is a promoter of patriotism, and the constitution. He strongly believes in the values in which the country was established, and speaks against all that try to take these freedoms away. It is a NECESSITY, to ensure a future for our children!

“People fear what they don’t understand, and hate what they can’t conquer!”

“The Rocci Stucci Show,” your personal, LIVE ADHA fix on current events and governmental affairs. We are the antithesis to the malpractice of the western Media.

Rocci hits the “bada-bing” on the “bada-BOOM.”

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Most Recent Broadcast Of The Rocci Stucci Show

The Rocci Stucci Show 08/03/17 Debbie Wasserman Schultz Conspiracy

The Rocci Stucci Show 08/03/17 Debbie Wasserman Schultz Conspiracy

What Listeners are saying about The Rocci Stucci Show

"Intrepid Radio" (with Scotty Roberts and John Ward), introduced me to Rocci, and from those first segments, I knew I wanted to hear more of him. He holds nothing back, but it never—ever comes out as an ignorant rant; when he takes a stand, I know he's done the research and, if asked, could back up every point he makes. His aggressive stands are always balanced with a human quality (and Rocci, I know you're reading this, I know what you're thinking and YES, YOU DO!), interjecting appropriate humor or—when the topic means that much—sharing something from his personal life. I constantly find myself not so much listening to a radio show, but sitting down with a friend. #theroccistuccishow
Thomas B
I listen to the Rocci Stucci Show because it is real.... you know your getting the truth and your getting it from a real person who is not scared to show emotion. I love the fact that he looks out for our school aged kids and lets us know what the schools are adding to our schools education that we don't agree with...
I love listening to the Rocci Stucci Show because he keeps it raw and real and delivers meat and potatoes, improv style, the hardcore truth, with passion and love for our country. It's hard to find talk shows who give the scoop we need to know, so that we can stay awake and on guard during the chaos of times we live in today. Plus? No one can say "How you doin'?" like he can! Check it out, and be prepared for the addiction. #roccistuccishow
Shelley H
Love your show because you are not just doing a show to give opinions. You are showing how much you really care. You are willing to show your heart. You actually listen to people and are willing to take up topics that are presented to you and help shine light on what is important to your listeners.
Twyla L
Got my fix of The Rocci Stucci show A brother in Arms A PATRIOT AN AMERICAN
Brett R